sabato 6 aprile 2013

Le piu' belle canzoni di tutti i tempi - Best Songs Ever - Number 135

Ranking #135 in the Best Songs Ever list...

Al numero 135 delle migliori canzoni di tutti i tempi...

pet shop boys - being boring (mp3)

...e poi, il video...

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Marco Goi ha detto...


Jon Katz ha detto...

I don't speak Italian, and I'm sorry to contact you through the comments section, but here goes:

Wondered if you'd consider covering us.
Bored Youth was one of the original punk/hardcore bands of the Detroit/Midwest scene of the early 80's. Due to a couple of things that happened we broke up. Now there's been renewed interest because of books like Tony Rettman's "Why Be Something That You're Not?" and the release of the Touch and Go mags. Also, the release on vinyl of one of our old previously bootlegged demo's on Alona's Dream Records.

All this inspired us to record some new tracks, which I'd characterize as "post-punk power pop emo-core rock by some old fucks who should really know better."
Below is a link to our Bandcamp page where you can get a couple of free downloads from our very soon to be released 10 song album.
Feel free to post, etc. If you have any questions give me a shout.
Jon Katz